Rental apartments for students

We rent shared apartments to international students in four different buildings.

The apartments are partly furnished shared apartments where you will have your own bedroom and share a kitchen, living room and bathroom. The average area of an apartment is 77 square meters.

Rent is EUR 400 per person per month; the deposit is EUR 500 per person. Electricity, water, furniture and Internet access are included in the rent.

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Instructions for tenants

Dear Student Resident
Welcome to your TVT Asunnot Oy single apartment. We hope that you will enjoy living here and that, during your studies, you will make new friends, have pleasant experiences and collect some great memories. Here are a few important items of information and instructions about living in your apartment.

When you move in
You have made a rental agreement with TVT Asunnot Oy, and received the keys to your apartment. Before concluding the rental agreement, you paid a deposit, which will be returned to you when your tenancy ends.

Rental payment and parking
The rental payment and possible parking fee must be paid monthly by the due date.

The apartment
In your single apartment, you have your own bedroom, the cleanliness of which is your responsibility. The shared facilities of the apartment are a kitchen, living room, toilet, shower room and, in some cases, a balcony. Their cleanliness is a shared responsibility and must be agreed on with the other residents.

Communal areas of the building
The communal areas of the building include a sauna, clubroom, parking facilities and a refuse area. You can find more detailed information about the communal facilities at the address links.

Tap water
The water from the taps is clean and can be drunk.

Living in a single apartment
You have received the general regulations of the building, where you will find information on such things as locking the exterior doors, waste disposal and looking after the apartment. Get to know the other residents of your apartment, and agree with them on ground rules for such activities as cleaning the communal areas. Remember that living in a shared household always works better if each resident takes the needs of others into account and is flexible if necessary.

No smoking and no pets
Smoking in the apartment is not permitted. Smoking is allowed on the balcony or in the courtyard of the building in a specially designated area. Residents may not keep pets in the apartment.

Internet connection, TV, antennae
All apartments have cable TV and an antenna socket. Internet access is included in the rent.

Possible problems
The building's service company will help out in cases of normal problems. These include a leaking tap, a blocked drain, electrical faults and problems with inbuilt lighting. If you mislay your key and need someone to open your door, you can also contact the service company. The company's contact information and on-call hours can be found on the notice board in the building. If necessary, you can also contact the building manager or TVT Asunnot Oy.

Broken furniture and equipment
Wear-and-tear is a part of life. Instead of charging for that, we will charge for broken furniture and equipment according to the price list. You will find more details about charges on the resident invoicing price list.

Moving out and cleaning when moving out
When you move out of your apartment, remove all your belongings from your bedroom and clean the room so that it is in its original condition. Remove loose dirt from the floors, wash them and wipe the skirting boards. Wipe all cupboards, shelves and doors with a damp cloth. Wipe the air conditioning vents. Clean the windows if necessary. If you neglect to clean when you move out, we reserve the right to charge you for cleaning costs. Also make sure that the apartment's communal facilities are clean and that the appliances work. If necessary, report any faults and deficiencies in the apartment and its equipment.

Return of the keys
Return the keys to the TVT Asunnot Oy service office (Käsityöläiskatu 3) when you have finished your cleaning and no longer intend to return to the apartment. The keys should be returned by the final day of the rental agreement period.



Your landlord

TVT Asunnot Oy
Käsityöläiskatu 3
20100 Turku

Mon 10 am - 5.00 pm, 
Tues - Fri 10 am - 4.00 pm.

Rentals, tel. (02) 262 4888

TVT Asunnot Oy offers its residents a wide range of rental homes. The company has been developing residential services for a long time, and promotes regional well-being. TVT Asunnot Oy is owned by the City of Turku, and has more than 10,000 rental dwellings throughout Turku.