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How to apply for TVT housing

Get to know our range of apartments and consider your housing needs. The less you narrow down the location and building type of your desired housing, the easier it will be to find your new home. You can use the same application form to apply for housing at several locations.

Fill out the housing application

Your housing application remains valid for three months. If you wish to extend the validity of your application, supplement your information or notify of changes (e.g., desired apartment, income, family situation), please use the applicable electronic form. Do not submit an entirely new application; each applicant can only have one valid application at a time. Sending multiple applications will cause a delay in the processing of your application.

How your application is processed

  • Your application is processed within three business days. During the process, the processors also check the applicant’s credit history, population register data and recent residential history.
  • Once everything is cleared, we will offer the applicant a suitable vacant apartment. We only offer each vacantapartment to one applicant at a time. Viewings are arranged only for the applicant to whom it is offered.
  • If there are no suitable apartments available, the application will remain pending for upcoming vacancies.

Your housing application remains valid for three months. If you have not found suitable housing after this time, remember to renew your application.

Attachments for the housing application

Please submit the required attachments only after you have accepted the apartment offered to you, but before signing the lease.

1. Income

  • Employed persons: most recent payslip or incomes Register extract
  • Pensioners: certificate of the sum of your gross pension
  • Entrepreneurs: latest income statement and balance sheet; entrepreneurial income declaration form filled out by an accountant

The household income for all applicants is calculated as the sum of the monthly income of all persons in the household. For example:

  • Salary and any monetary benefits or bonuses
  • Spousal alimony
  • Pensions
  • Recurring accident and insurance indemnities; disability allowance
  • Capital income such as interest, dividend or rental income
  • Income earned abroad
  • Adult study grant and adult education subsidy

2. Pre-completed tax return

Everyone over the age of 18 moving into the apartment must provide a pre-completed tax return from the latest taxation, real estate tax decision.

3. Assets

If you own (or have owned) a co-operative apartment, real estate, or any shares thereof, you must provide a statement of the fair market value of these assets and any related mortgages.

4. Other attachments only when required

If there are special circumstances regarding your health or life situation that affect your need for housing, please provide any documents related to these circumstances. Such documents may include, e.g.:

  • Medical certificate drafted for the purpose of applying for housing
  • Certificate of pregnancy
  • Certificate of divorce or pending divorce; agreement on the custody and residence of children under 15 years of age
  • Written notice of lease termination, eviction order or fixed-term lease agreement
  • Foreign nationals: residence permit and status (persons coming from outside the Nordic countries the EU) or registration certificate (EU citizens)
  • Health inspector's statement
  • Certificate of study place
  • Certificate of commencing employment

Rent deposits for the apartments

A rent deposit is an apartment-specific collateral for the lease that is payable to the lessor prior to signing the lease.A receipt for the paid security deposit must be presented upon signing the lease agreement.

Rent security deposits as of 1 January 2018 1 room + kitchen/kitchenette EUR 450 2 rooms + kitchen/kitchenette EUR 550 3 rooms + kitchen/kitchenette EUR 650 4 rooms + kitchen/kitchenette EUR 800 5 to 6 rooms + kitchen/kitchenette EUR 950

Upon the termination of your lease, it is essential that the apartment has been cleaned and it is in good condition and that all keys are returned when the apartment is handed over. The rent deposit will be used to compensate for any potential cleaning or repair costs or cost for changing the locks if keys are missing. The rent deposit will be refunded after the inspection of the apartment once the lease has ended.

Do you have any more questions?

You may call our tenancy telephone service or send an e-mail. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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