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Find the right rental home in the Turku region

TVT Asunnot rents out reasonably-priced housing in the Turku, Kaarina and Raisio region. The homes we offer are in blocks of flats, terraced houses and single-family houses where our tenants enjoy staying for years. Our tenancy agreements are open-ended, which gives you security. Our reasonable deposit sums help you get started with your new home.

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Applying for housing

Here you can find information about applying for rental housing, the attachments required for the application and the deposit payments.

How to apply for housing
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Extending and editing your application

Please use this service when you wish to extend your application, add information to your application or report any changes.

Extend or edit your application
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Accepting a housing offer

Once you have accepted our housing offer and paid the deposit, we will sign a tenancy agreement with you.

How to accept a housing offer
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Frequently asked questions about applying

See the most frequently asked questions and answers about housing applications, or submit a question.

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